The Polish Royal Opera at the 30th A. Didur Festival in Sanok


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tonight, the artists of the Polish Royal Opera will perform during the finale of the 30th Adam Didur Festival in Sanok. Outstanding Soloists, the Chorus and the Period Instruments Ensemble of the Polish Royal Opera Capella Regia Polona led by Krzysztof Garstka will present Henry Purcell’s DIDO AND AENEAS, directed by Natalia Kozłowska.

The concert hall of the Sanok Community Centre will turn into a world of myth, and the Mediterranean scenery will be filled with characters associated with British and Irish folk tales (including witches and sorcerers). This magical space will vibrate with exquisite baroque sounds – Purcell took care of musical diversity, perfectly integrating French and Italian musical models with English folklore.

The audience in Sanok will also have the opportunity to learn about the activities of our institution, as the Festival is accompanied by the poster exhibition Performances of the Polish Royal Opera.