Ladies and Gentlemen,

The long-awaited premiere of the opera Job by Krzesimir Dębski will take place this Sunday, the 25th of April at 19:00. The libretto of the work is based on the 1940 drama by Karol Wojtyła of the same title. Due to the current restrictions, the performance cannot take place with the participation of the audience, and therefore will be held online. A free broadcast of the performance will be available on the YouTube channel of the Polish Royal Opera, allowing you to participate live in this unique event.

The production of the work commissioned by the Polish Royal Opera was directed by Tomasz Cyz, while Natalia Kitamikado is responsible for the set design. The musical direction of the project was taken on by the excellent conductor Tadeusz Karolak, who will lead the soloists, the Chorus and the Orchestra of the Polish Royal Opera during the Sunday premiere. The outstanding baritone Adam Kruszewski will play the title role.

From Thursday, the 22nd of April, it will be possible to read the contents of the programme booklet, which will be available on the website of the event.

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