Capella Regia Polona
10 July 2021, Saturday
Time 18:00
Manor House in Śmiłów


The event is part of the 3rd Summer Festival of Sacred Music “Ucho igielne”.


Although Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created light, melodious and romantic songs throughout his entire life, this genre never became the leading one in his rich body of work. However, it is still worth letting yourself be carried away by the undeniable charm of these compositions. His early, youthful pieces for voice and piano are often small dance forms with added lyrics or short, slightly naive pieces published in the then-fashionable almanacs. Later, however, especially during his stay in Vienna, the composer spread his wings in the field of vocal lyricism.

The most brilliant examples of this genre in Mozart’s work include Das Veilchen, Das Lied der Trennung, An Chloe and Abendempfindung an Laura, in which he masterfully harmonizes excellent poetry with the music pulsating in its rhythm. These and other compositions, which make up the concert program, give testimony to the dramatic imagination of the Viennese genius. In free form, Mozart depicts scenes taken out of real life. The subtle illustration of the mood of the poems, sensitivity to the emotions conveyed by them, and, at the same time, lightness and simplicity – these are the features of Mozart’s vocal pieces that seem to have paved the way leading to German romantic song.

During the concert, between the songs, we will also hear the Rondo in A minor for solo piano. The richly ornamented piece brings to mind the dainty figurations of 19th-century masters of the keyboard. Perhaps, then, André Gide was right saying that “great classicism is simply romanticism tamed.”



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Das Veilchen (text J. W. von Goethe) KV 476
Oiseaux, si tous les ans (text Antoine Ferrand) KV 307 (KV 284d)
Dans un bois solitaire (text Antoine Houdart de la Motte) KV 308 (KV 295b)
Das Lied der Trennung (text Klamer Eberhard Karl Schmidt) KV 519
Komm, liebe Zither, komm KV 351 (KV 367b)
Der Zauberer (text Christian Felix Weiße) KV 472

Rondo nr 3 a-moll KV 511

Ridente la calma KV 152 (KV 210a)
An Chloe (text Johann Georg Jacobi) KV 524
Das Traumbild (text Ludwig Heinrich Hölty) KV 530
Als Luise die Briefe ihres ungetreuen Liebhabers verbrannte (text Gabriele von Baumberg) KV 520
Abendempfindung an Laura KV 523
Un moto di gioia mi sento (text Lorenzo da Ponte) KV 579






Duration: 1 h 10 mins
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