Śpiewnik domowy / Stanisław Moniuszko

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The 5th of May marks the 202nd anniversary of the birth of an outstanding Polish composer – Stanisław Moniuszko. On this special occasion, we invite you to watch the performance HOME SONGBOOK / STANISŁAW MONIUSZKO, which will be available on the YouTube channel of the Polish Royal Opera tomorrow, the 5th of May at 19:00. The recording will be available until Sunday, the 9th of May.

During the concert, the Artists of the Polish Royal Opera perform not only popular melodies but also lesser-known songs by the Polish composer. The light, catchy pieces are embellished with an intriguing narrative, as the songs have been selected in such a way as to tell an enchanting love story. The performance was directed by the late Andrzej Strzelecki – an excellent director, actor and satirist, whom we can admire in the role of the Narrator.

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