LOTOS becomes the honorary patron of the Polish Royal Opera


Grupa Lotos S.A.

Pursuant to the agreement signed at the end of March 2021, Grupa LOTOS has joined the honorary patrons of our institution.

Culture plays an important role in building and maintaining national identity, it is what holds us together as a  society and a source of knowledge about it. The Polish Royal Opera refers back to the great beginnings of opera in Poland not only with its name but also its emblem, but most of all, it introduces the works of eminent Polish artists. This makes it a particularly valuable initiative in which, as Grupa LOTOS, we have decided to become involved, becoming a patron of this cultural institution – says Zofia Paryła, President of the Management Board of Grupa LOTOS.

I am very grateful to Grupa LOTOS for taking on such a noble commitment as sponsoring the work of the Polish Royal Opera. I am convinced that, thanks to this support, we will be able to carry out our mission of promoting the national cultural heritage among an ever wider audience, and our performances and concerts will shape the tastes of music lovers to an even greater extent. I am glad that the support from the new patron comes at such a difficult time for culture  – emphasizes Andrzej Klimczak, director of the Polish Royal Opera.
The first joint project of Grupa LOTOS and the Polish Royal Opera will be the premiere of Job (Hiob) by Krzesimir Dębski – an opera commissioned by the Polish Royal Opera based on the drama by Karol Wojtyła. The piece was composed to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Polish Pope and the 80th anniversary of the creation of this extraordinary work.
Grupa LOTOS has been a patron of Polish culture for many years and is involved in events that promote universal values, both in Pomerania and throughout the entire country. The Gdańsk-based oil company appreciates initiatives promoting patriotism which show the beauty of the works of Polish artists. In addition to the Polish Royal Opera, the company supports the Baltic Opera in Gdańsk, the Musical Theatre of D. Baduszkowa in Gdynia or the Teatr Atelier in Sopot. It promotes such events as LOTOS Siesta Festival, Ladies Jazz Festival and LOTOS Jazz Festival Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa.

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