Behind the scenes of the theater – winter holidays with the Polish Royal Opera


Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Winter holidays are about to start. As a break from school duties, we encourage you to participate in workshops during which children will learn, among other things:

What is an opera, a score, and who stands with their back to the audience? Why does a singer need to warm up before a performance? Who is the stage manager and why are they always wearing headphones? Who is sitting in the booth on stage, does the lighting have magical powers, and what is important when designing a costume?

Singers, instrumentalists, and employees of the Polish Royal Opera will talk about how an opera performance is created and will also show what theatrical make-up and the job of a wardrobe assistant look like. There will also be an opportunity to take a closer look at the decorations. Children will take part in a singing lesson with the chorus master, learn how difficult it is to produce sound with wind instruments, and, at the end of the journey around the nooks and crannies of the opera house, they will listen to a mini-concert. We will engage all of the children’s senses so that they can experience the true beauty of the opera theater. We welcome children aged 6-11. The workshops will be held in the Old Orangery at the Royal Łazienki Museum in Warsaw on the following dates:

Tickets cost 10 PLN and are now available in the tab REPERTOIRE.

The workshops are conducted in Polish.